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29 June 2017 @ 03:53 pm
General Info:
- I was granted sales permission in December 2015 by areica96.
- My PKMNCollectors feedback can be found here and my eBay feedback can be found here.
- All PKMNcollectors rules apply; I will not sell to banned or non-members.
- I reserve the right to refuse sales to any members with negative feedback.
- Feel free to ask for a quote, but those who commit to an item have priority.
- Backing out of a sale after committing will result in negative feedback.
- I will only do holds on committed items.
- I am open to trades for items on my Wants List.
- All items are shipped from a smoke and pet-free home.
- If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact me! I will provide additional photos of items on request.

Payment and Shipping:
- All prices are in USD and do not include shipping/fees unless otherwise noted.
- Please send payment through Paypal within 24 hours after committing and receiving a total from me.
- I ship from 15642 (PA, USA).
- I ship both domestically and internationally, but there is a $10 minimum for international orders.
- Items will be shipped out within three days after receiving payment unless otherwise noted.
- Tracking is usually included on domestic packages, but for envelopes it is up to the discretion of the buyer to include it.
- Once an item leaves my hands, I cannot be held responsible for it! If there is an issue, please contact the mail carrier first.
- Please comment on the sales page in regards to sales, rather than sending me a PM. If you need to make changes, reply below your thread.

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27 June 2017 @ 03:40 am
Click here to view sales rules!

Pokemon Time Figure Straps:
Click on photos to view the full size.
All straps are MIP.

2011: Treecko ($16), Mudkip ($30 → $27), Gulpin ($16)
Mawile ($40 → $35), Skitty ($40 → $35)

2012: Venusaur ($18), Oddish ($13), Poliwag ($13)
2009: Espeon ($40 → $35) | Available 2010: Skiploom ($22)

2014: Plusle ($12), Raichu ($12), Minun ($12)
2013: Deoxys ($12), Latias ($18)

Unova Dex Figure Straps (2010/2011):
Click on photos to view the full size.
All straps are MIP.
I will offer additional discounts on purchases of 5+ Unova Dex Straps.

Snivy ($10), Serperior ($10), Foongus ($6), Sewaddle ($6)
Deerling (Spring), Deerling (Summer), Deerling (Fall), Deerling (Winter)

Victini ($10), Keldeo ($10), Meloetta (Aria Forme) ($8), Meloetta (Pirouette Forme) ($8)
Simisear, Simisage, Simipour

Audino ($8), Minccino, Cinccino, Pidove ($6)
Emolga ($12), Whimsicott ($12), Zoura ($10), Litwick ($10)

Oshawott ($10), Samurott ($10), Tympole
Ducklett, Cubchoo ($6), Vanillite

Kyurem ($10), White Kyurem ($10), Black Kyurem ($10)
Reshiram ($10), Zekrom ($10)

Emboar ($10), Stunfisk ($6), Axew ($10), Munna ($6)

Misc. Figure Straps (2010/2011):
Click on photos to view the full size.
All straps are MIP.

National Dex (2012): Chikorita ($12), Togepi ($12), Torchic ($12), Piplup ($12) | Darumaka ($12)

Pokemon Petit (2014): Treecko ($14), Torchic ($14), Mudkip ($14) ($30 for all)

Click on photos to view the full size.
All plush are Japnese MWT.

Available: Pokemon Time Farfetch'd (2012) ($30), Rowlet (2016) ($35), Secret Base Lapras (2015) ($40)

Chiku-Chiku Sewing (2015): Hoppip Skiploom Jumpluff Lot (NOT SEPARATING - $30), Pikachu ($15)

Halloween Pikachu (2015) ($13)

Other Items:
Click on photos to view the full size.

Pokemon XY Clear File Holders (2013) x2
Left: Bought secondhand from a community member. There is a little wear on some areas of the gold foil print (such as those pictured), but the flaws are hardly noticeable if you aren't looking closely. It is otherwise in excellent condition. ($20 →$18)
Right: Bought brand new from Y!J. There are no damages on the outside, though one of the plastic slips on the inside has a small nick on it (will take photo upon request). ($25 → $23)
These have 20 plastic slips each, holding up to two clear files per slip.

(MIP) XY 3DS XL Hard Cover (Features XY Starters and Pikachu) (2013) ($20 → $15)
(MIP) Pokemon Time Gardevoir Phone Case (Fits iPhone 5, 5s, 5c, SE) (2013) ($40 → $30)

(MIP) BW Mini Clear File (2011) ($15 → $12)

(MIP) Rare Pokemon Center Pencil Board (2004) (Offer)

Misc. Lots:
Click on photos to view the full size.
At this time I am not separating these lots.

(MIP) Set of Type Focus Clear Files ($40 → $35)
The clear files have different kinds of holographic finishes on them.

Lot of Misc. Flats ($10)
Includes (MIP) Pokemon the Movie Stamps (1998), Jirachi Wishmaker Postcards (3D and Matte) (2003), TOMY Holographic Stickers (Corner Crease), Southern Islands TCG Brochure (1998), Christmas Postcard (Corner Crease), Pokemon Center Stickers (2013)

Set of Pokemon With You Can Badges (2012) ($8)

Set of Baby Pokemon Figure Stampers ($12 → $10)

Lot of NM/MT TCG Coins (2000-2016) ($3)

Set of Marbles ($6)
14 May 2016 @ 02:43 pm

Clear Files (MIP)

Christmas 2006

Christmas 2005

Christmas 2004

Halloween 2009

Pokemon Time 2009 Mini

Postcards (NM)

New York Pokemon Center 2001: Yellow